SFE Codes for LTOs
Add'l Medical Appt (Sick Bank Deduction)  30
Bereavement 7
Illness 1
Jury Duty/Subpoena 5
Misc. Leave (Unpaid <= 5 days) 16
Misc. Leave (Unpaid > 5 days) 17
WSIB - Pending 26

Occasional Teachers in LTOs have access to the following paid leave days: sick days; bereavement days; jury duty; and quarantine leave days. If an OT creates an absence for any other reason, he/she will not be paid for that day. 


Unfortunately, Occasional Teachers do not have access to personal days; paternity leave days; inclement weather days; or any other reasons not stated below. 


OTs in full-year LTOs have access to 11 sick days paid at 100% of salary and 120 short term sick leave days paid at 90% of salary. The number of sick days will be prorated to the length of the LTO. That means OTs in partial year LTOs will have access to fewer sick leave days. 


Sick leave days can only be used for personal illness or injury or personal medical appointments.


Sick leave days can be carried forward from one LTO assignment to another, provided that the LTO assignments are within the same school year. Sick leave days cannot be carried over from one school year to another.  


OTs in LTOs can review their sick leave bank in MyPortal, through the "Other Apps" tab.


The Board can only ask for a medical note from an OT for absences of 5 or more consecutive days. The Board will reimburse the OT for the medical note up to a maximum of $45. 


The Collective Agreement references to sick leave days can be found in Part A, Article 4 (pages 12-16) and Part B, Article 11 (page 59).  



OTs in LTOs have access to:

  • up to 5 days in the event of the death of a parent, spouse, child, sister or brother. 

  • 1 day in the event of the death of a parent-in-law, sister or brother-in-law, child-in-law, grandparent or grandchild or close friend of the family.


The maximum number of bereavement leave days available to an OT in an LTO is 5 per school year. 


The Collective Agreement references to bereavement leave days can be found in Part A, Article 16 (page 25) and Part B, Article 11 (page 59).  



Part B, Article 11.02(d) (page 60) of the Collective Agreement states:


11.02 (d) A long term occasional teacher who is selected for service as a juror or is required by subpoena to appear in court as a witness in any proceeding in court in which he or she is not a party to or are of the persons charged, shall be paid the difference between the normal earnings and the payment, excluding expenses, the occasional teacher receives as a juror or a witness if such duty occurs during a long term occasional teaching assignment. 



Part B, Article 11.02(e) (page 60) of the Collective Agreement states:


11.02 (e) A long term occasional teacher shall be entitled to her/his salary notwithstanding her/his absence from duty where, because of exposure to a communicable disease he/she is quarantined or otherwise prevented by the order of the medical health authorities from attending upon her/his assigned occasional teaching duties.