About York Catholic Teachers

Protecting and enhancing Catholic Education in York Region

As York Region’s local unit of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), York Catholic Teachers represents more than 4,000 members in both elementary and secondary schools of the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB).

We proudly teach and serve approximately 55,000 students from junior kindergarten through to grade 12 in 90 elementary and 16 secondary schools in communities across York Region.


2023/2024 Executive


President (Release Officer)
Michael Totten - miketotten@yctoecta.com

1st Vice-President (Release Officer)
Greg Bolton - gregbolton@yctoecta.com

2nd Vice-President (Release Officer)
Patricia Chiarella - 

3rd Vice President  (Release Officer)
Reg Shepherd - regshepherd@yctoecta.com

Edna DiFalco - ednadifalco@yctoecta.com

Recording Secretary & Equity Advisor (acting)
Karen Ebanks - 

Marylinda Lamarra - 
Mary Marcello - mariamarcello@yctoecta.com
Michael Oyston - michaeloyston@yctoecta.com
Vito Totino - 
Jamal Warda - jamalwarda@yctoecta.com

Occasional Teacher Release Officer & Occasional Teacher Rep (Release Officer)
Anna Polisco - annapolisco@ycot.ca  

Occasional Teacher Councillor
Julie Pauletig - juliepauletig@ycot.ca


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