Please follow the steps listed below to allow you to gain access to you YCT Email and the YCT website (  If you have already tried getting into the website and received an “Invalid User” error this should fix the issue.


Your YCT Email is your first name and your last name @; there are
no dots, no punctuation and no spaces.

i.e. (Perm. Teachers)

or (OT/LTO Teachers)

Your Password is YOUR OECTA Number with five (5) zeros at the end.
(example OECTA Number = 5555 then password would be 555500000)


Do the following one time and you will be good for an future logins:


1.    Open your Board Gmail Inbox.

2.    In the top right corner is a circle with either you first initial or your picture/avatar, click it.

3.    Choose Add Account (if add account comes up again click it again)

4.    Now put in your YCT email: i.e. or

(make note there are no spaces or dots between your names)

5.    Your default password is your OECTA Number with Five Zeros at the end i.e 1234500000

6.    Follow the prompts until you get to your Inbox that will have over 200 emails from the President(this mailbox will always have the most updated information available from the Unit.)

7.    NOW...go to the top of your browser and type in and press enter.

8.    When the page loads the Google Sign In button is found right below our phone numbers at the top right, click it.

9.    You will be prompted as to which email to use and you MUST select your YCT Email you just setup.

10.  A one time security popup will appear and click Allow

11.  You are now in !!!


In future, if you ever want to toggle between your Board email and your YCT Email, now all you need to do is click on the Circle again and select which account you want to access.  


If you need any further support, don’t hesitate to call the Unit. 905-508-2008